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Chelsea (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Every minute on the minute for 30 minutes:

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats

4 Ring Rows

8 Pushups

12 Air Squats

Every 90sec — 30min

* No Bands Today!

Workout Brief

We have not programmed Chelsea in over 2 years. Probably because it is such a hard workout (for most people) and can wreck people who bite off more than they are ready for. The main caution today is if you are new, have not been training consistently or not used to volume you need to be cautious. Particularly with the pounding your biceps take on pull-ups. No bands allowed. Scale to ring rows.

We have allocated a big chunk of the warmup to mobilising and prepping bodies for the pulling/pushing/squatting.

Rxd: There are a few different ways to approach this workout. For today, we want the goal to be for everyone to find a rep scheme and movement modification that they can hold across the 30min. We would rather see you do this than attempt Rxd and start failing after a few rounds. Some people will find the pullups hard, and some people will find the pushups hard, and some both. The first option for scaling should be to reduce the reps to 4/8/12 each round. Then, modify the movements. No bands today for the Pullups, since this is too time-consuming and the eccentric piece is not good. Scale to a hard Ring Row instead. Scale the Pushups to hands elevated on a box or bench.

If people have scaled, and they still cannot make the rep scheme, have them perform 1 round every 90sec or 2min instead. Or, have them miss one round and try to jump back in and go again. It’s your call.

Fitness: We reduced the reps as well as the round time. 90sec should be enough time for you to get each round done, rest a bit and go again. Scale the movements as needed.

Warm Down

For as long as needed, lie with legs up the wall + arms overhead holding a dumbbell (on the ground).

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