Bumper Bonanza

CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

Metcon (Time)


5 Rounds

1min Plate OH Hold (25/15lbs)

12 Plate Overhead Walking Lunges

15 Plate Squats

18 Plate Lateral Jump Overs


5 Rounds

1min Plate OH Hold

12 Plate Walking Lunges

15 Plate Squats

18 Plate Jumps
Scoring = Time to complete the workout (including hold times)

Workout Brief

Rxd: The load is intended to be light when they are fresh. This means that for the first two rounds it will feel light, then the last three rounds it will start to feel moderately heavy. The goal is for them to hold onto their overhead holds for the full 1min each round. They might need to take a quick break before they start, but we would rather see them do that than to break up the hold. It will be a bit of a mind over matter situation in those last few rounds when fatigue sets in, but it is definitely possible. Athletes who have mobility issues will have a tougher time, so scale their loads/movement as needed below. All the other movements will be able to be done unbroken and relatively quickly.

Holding a plate can feel a little awkward, so their grip might start to get a little fatigued. They get a little break each round during their jumps, so hopefully that is enough to shake it out and recover for the next round.

Fitness: We kept the same time for the holds and reps as the other two categories today. If you need to, scale these down and modify any movements as per the scalings below.

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