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Power Snatch (2-4-2-4-2-4)

Fitness: 4-4-4-4-4-4

Score all 6 sets of Squat Snatch.

1 Arm Overhead Carry (3 x 6 lengths)

Bulletproof #14

3 x 6 lengths each arm @100% of your 100m max

Rest 90sec between arms

Workout Brief

The goal today is to find each athlete’s barrier (what they perceive it is) to the lift and work on that. If it is mental, work lighter loads and repeat those loads for multiple reps until you are confident with it, then add more. If it is mobility in the bottom position, work the Power Snatch + Overhead Squat at lighter loads. If it is speed through the middle, work the movement from the Hang and focus on that piece.

Ideally, everyone should be Squat Snatching and going for really heavy doubles and quads, but if that isn’t what you need to improve, then adjust it as needed. This goes for all categories.

Extra Credit

Partner Row

Partner 1 Rows as far as possible in 2min

Partner 2 Rests 2min


Partner 1 Rows as far as possible in 1.30min

Partner 2 Rests 1.30min


Partner 1 Rows as far as possible in 1min

Partner 2 Rests 1min


* Match people up so they can challenge each other for distance per effort.

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