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Metcon (Time)


In Partners, perform every 6min:

Row 600m (total)

200m Buddy Carry (100m each)

50 Deadlifts (185/135lbs)

40 Lateral Over the Bar Jumps

3 Rounds


In Partners, perform every 6min:

Row 600m (total)

100m Buddy Carry (50m each)

40 Deadlifts

30 Over the Bar Hops

3 Rounds
Add up the time from each round for one score

Workout Brief

How it works: in Partners, each pair has 6min to complete a total of 600m Row (split this up however they want), 200m Buddy Carry (100m each), 60 Deadlifts and 40 Lateral Over the Bar Jumps (split both up however they want). For the movements they split up, there is no minimum or maximum work requirement; they can split it up however they like.

Whatever time is left of the 6min, they get to rest. If they finish right at 6min, they need to go straight back into the next round.

Rxd: The goal for today is to have work hard and fun! 6min per round should give all teams plenty of time to complete each round. Figure out how you want to split the movements up between each other. Ideally, you should share them, but if someone is slightly stronger in something, they could take more of the load.

Some teams will have more, others less. But, you will need to move fast to ensure you do get some rest! Scale reps if needed on the second and third rounds.

The Deadlift weight should be so that you can perform 10 unbroken pretty easily when you are fresh. Scale as needed. If you need to scale the jumps, do forward facing, or hop over (one foot take off) or step over quickly. If you step over, perform 60 total step overs instead.

Fitness: We have reduced the amount of volume you need to perform each round to ensure you get it all done in 6min. Scale the Buddy Carry to carrying a MB if you’d rather not carry each other. Use a light-moderate load for the Deadlifts that you can perform 10 reps unbroken each time they pick it up. Do the bar jumps forward facing, and perform them as a one-footed takeoff if needed. Scale to stepovers, but add 10 reps to the total if you do.

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