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CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

Front Rack Walk (work up to heaviest)

Wall to Wall (one length of gym) from wall rig to rowers.

Today we’ll do 2 lengths or there and back. You’ll end where you started.

Set a cone even with the big support beam. That is your turn around.
Rx’d use barbell

Fitness use dumbells

Metcon (Time)


3 Rounds

25m Front Rack Walk at 60%

25 Pullups

Rest 2min


3 Rounds

25m DB Front Rack Walk

20 Ring Rows

Rest 2min

Workout Brief

It’s Friday the 13th!!! Be safe out there. ?

This one will be a little tricky logistically to set up. We’ll go from the wall rig to the other side of the gym by the rowers and back (2 lengths). Turn around even with the big support beam. Be careful not to hit people and things with the end of the barbell.

For Part 2, we will create a loop around the main rig which will eliminate people crashing into each other. Take the barbell from the ground for this part. The built in rest will allow people to be This is an awkward movement. We like it because it allows people to get under a load that they may not be able to Squat, Clean or Jerk with and spend some time moving with it. This is the goal. You will find that some people can’t do this because they haven’t done it before and the stability that is required through to walk with the weight might be really hard for them. An interesting test for your athletes.

For Part 2, take roughly 60-70% of your final load of the Walk and use this. It should feel significantly lighter and you should be able to clean it up no problem. If you can’t Clean it, then go lighter. Scale the Pullups to a version that you can get at least 5-8 reps unbroken with. Today, you can use bands if needed. 🙂

Ideally, each round should take no longer than 2-3min, not including the Rest.

Fitness: Use a challenging set of Dumbbells. Rather than maxing out in Part 1, you can perform 5 rounds at a heavy weight. Or, change it to 10 to try get a similar stimulus out of it.

For Part 2, use the same weight as Part 1 if you like. You should be able to Clean it. The Ring Rows should be hard enough that you will need to break them into 2 sets each round working while others are resting.

Extra Credit

Spend 1min in Weighted Wall Facing Stretch x 2 rounds per person. (the kid is so cute)

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CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


5min Deadlifts (315/225lbs)

4min Muscle Ups

3min Deadlifts (315/225lbs)

2min Handstand Pushups

1min Deadlifts (315/225lbs)


5min Deadlifts

4min Box Muscle Ups

3min Deadlifts

2min Pike Pushups

1min Deadlifts
Score = Total Reps performed. You could either keep a running total, or write down your reps for each timeframe and then add them up at the end.

Post Workout

A lot of Deadlifting today. 9min to be exact. We love the Gymnastics/Weightlifting Push/Pull combo of this Workout, just make sure you are warm and good to go before you start.

Today is a great opportunity for people to practise getting some Muscle Up volume under their belt. The intensity might go down for the 4min, but that is ok today.

Rxd: The goal is that the Deadlifts are heavy enough that people won’t be able to ‘rep’ them out. They will most likely be restricted to triples or doubles each time they pick it up. No one will be breathing that heavy during the Workout during the Deadlifts, but they will need to stay really focused to keep their body from moving out of position in the Deadlifts. 5min will go by really quickly, especially if people are taking big breaks between their efforts. Have your athletes aim for around 6 reps per minute, then probably around 4 or less in the later minutes.

People who are proficient (Rx+) in the Muscle Ups, should aim for 7+ Muscle Ups in a minute. For most athletes, aim to get at least 3 per minute. Scale the movement to Box Muscle Ups or Jumping Bar Muscle Ups. Whatever version you do, make sure you have to work for your reps.

It is only 2min of Handstand Pushups. Use a modification that you can stay moving for the majority of the 2min. Over 15 per minute would be a good goal.

Fitness: To avoid performing too many Deadlifts, we suggest to choose a number, and perform an EMOM during the 5 and 3min Deadlift portion. For example, for the 5min set, it would be: 10 Deadlifts EMOM. Then do the same for the 3min. Choose a weight you can do a set of 10 in two sets.


CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

Metcon (Time)


100 Back Squats (115/75lbs)

Every minute perform 20 Double Unders


8 Rounds

10 Back Squats

30 Fast Feet Jumps


30 Dubs

Welcome Back

CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – ROTC

Front Squat (5-5-5-5-5)

Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds:

10 Box Jumps 24/20

10 Burpees

20 Lunge Steps
*Stand up all the way on lunges.

Workout Brief

Coaches please follow workout prep from January 4th. The main difference is that you’ll have to move quicker to have time for the metcon. Try to give at least 10min for the metcon.

Nikto Guard

CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

Clean and Jerk (5-5)

Clean and Jerk (3-3)

Clean and Jerk (10-10)

Workout Brief

For the sets of 3-3-5-5: These do not need to be done touch-and-go. People can drop the weight after each rep and reset. But they shouldn’t take longer than 3-5sec to reset and go again. Otherwise, the set will not count. For the last set of 10, these DO need to be done touch and go. If they put the bar down, the set doesn’t count.

The Cleans need to be done with a full Squat. The Jerks can be either Push or Split.

People should leave feeling physically and neurologically tired ( feels like fatigue. Not sweaty workout tired, but like a heavy body feeling).

Everyone is lifting the same rep scheme today with the intention of going heavy, as long as their technique will allow it. Use the Prep part to get to your heavy starting weight for their first set of three. It should be like they are going for a 3 rep max on the first set. Then, try repeat it again. It is ok to fail, just take some weight off and try again. Same goes for the 5 rep sets. You will need to take the load down a bit, but it should still be a struggle for 5. Repeat.

The last set of 10 will be hard for most people to figure out what to use. You most likely haven’t gone for a 10 Rep Max before. We suggest using roughly around 70-75% of the 5 Rep you just lifted. This is a guideline, your coach can help with your decision. The Squat Clean is what will be the limiting factor for this.

Fitness: If you are proficient with the Power Clean, use that today so you can focus on getting under some load. Otherwise, you can do a Power Clean + Front Squat. This will be athlete dependent. Stick with the Push Jerk today. Also, you can break the set of 10 up as needed.

Extra Credit

50 V-Ups — QUICK SCALE: Bend Knees as needed for V-Ups.

* Every time you break/pause, perform a 15sec Plank Hold.

* If you don’t break, perform a Max Plank Hold on completion of the V-Ups.

Warm Down

Alternate — 1min Frog Stretch + 1min Under Thoracic Stretch (30sec each side) x 2 rounds.

Storm Trooper

CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


2 Rounds

5 Lateral Burpee Over the Box Jump (24/20″)

10 DB/kb Hang Power Snatch (45/25lbs)

AMRAP 7min

Rest 1min


2 Rounds

5 Burpee Plate Jumps

10 DB/kb Hang Power Snatch

AMRAP 7min

Rest 1min

Workout Brief

For something different, we split a 15min workout in two and added a 1min break in between. Mentally, 7min is a lot easier for people to get their heads around than 15min, so the idea is that they end up working a little harder, knowing it is shorter, and knowing they get a 1min break at halfway.

The Burpee is done laterally to the Box. For Fitness, they can be done facing or lateral to the plate.

The DB Hang Power Snatch is done with 1 DB in one hand at a time. You can choose whether you want to alter arms each rep, or you could do 5 on one side, then 5 on the other. The latter version might make more sense time wise.

Rxd: For top performers, each round will take around 1min or less. Slowing down a little in the second 7min-er. The goal should be around 6 rounds for each large round. For most athletes, you should be aiming for around 5 rounds per each large round.

Challenge yourself not to drop off in the second half. If they can stay within 1-2 rounds of each other that would be ideal. That means not going hot out of the gates. Be fast but consistent, take short breaks that don’t drag on.

The Dumbbell load is light-moderate. Everyone should be able to do 10 reps unbroken each round. Scale as needed. The Box height for lateral jumps will be high for some people. Scale the height first, then if needed, scale to Step Ups.

Fitness: Make the focus about the ability to jump onto something, even if it is only a plate. Don’t worry about the Lateral Jumps, stay forward facing. As mentioned above, you can do Burpee any way. Find a weight that you can perform all 10 reps unbroken for at least the first few rounds.

Kylo Ren

CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

Metcon (Time)


80 Air Squats

40 Hang Squat Clean (95/65lbs)

80 Pushups

40 Wall Ball (20/14lbs)

80 Situps

60 Air Squats

40 Hang Power Clean

60 Pushups

40 Wall Ball

60 Situps

Workout Brief

Chipper for your Saturday. People will literally be able to chip away at this Workout from start to end. Nothing is so hard that you will get stuck or slow down too much. The Squat/Squat + Press/Press combo will fatigue you as you go.

For everyone, make the goal to stick with a rep scheme you decide on in your head beforehand. This can be different numbers for each movement, but fight to get your numbers each time. What tends to happen in longer workouts like this is that people start with good intentions on holding a number and then as soon as it starts getting a little hard, they quit and get mentally defeated. Even if it means pushing through a bit of pain, stick to the plan stubbornly today. Of course, if you need to adjust mid workout, then that is what you need to do, as long as you then stick to your new plan and keep plugging away.

Rxd: The load is light for most people, but 80 is a lot of reps. You should be able to do at least 10+ in the first set. If you don’t think you can do that, scale as needed. Scale Pushups to elevated hands. With everything else, you should be able to do Rxd no problem.

Fitness: Modify reps down if needed. Scale movements as needed. For the Wall Ball, today, use a light load but aim for the Rxd height. Even if it is a 4lb Ball. If it is still too high, then scale the height as well.


CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

Christine (Time)

3 Rounds for time:
500m Row
12 Deadlifts, bodyweight
21 Box Jumps, 20″

3 Rounds

500m Row

12 Deadlifts

21 Step Ups

Workout Brief

Rxd: The goal is to push through the burning feeling you will start feeling in your legs during round 2! Because it is so short and nothing is that limiting (weight, reps and skill wise), you should make sure those Rows are done hard! Think 10-15sec under their Fast 500m pace. You can hang in there during the other movements, but the Rows need to be pushed.

We kept the two categories the same since it is such a great test of capacity. The goal for all 3 rounds is to be done unbroken and smooth. Scale as needed.

The Box Jumps are prescribed at 20”, which is lower than usual for the guys. While we don’t usually recommend rebounding, if people are proficient with it, this would be the Workout to do it in. For those who jump up, step down and who find Box Jumps challenging, these will be the limiting factor. Especially after the Row and the Deadlifts. If you’ve had achilies issues then step down. Warm up well.

Top performers should aim for sub 10min, but majority of athletes will be somewhere around 10-15min.

Fitness: We have kept the Rowing distance and reps the same. If you don’t think you’ll get it done under 15min, modify the reps first, then the Rowing distance. Use a load that you can get 12 reps each round no problem. The Step Ups are 21 reps total.

We’ll probably be going in heats. Make sure you cheer on the others while you are warming up or cooling down!

Warm Down

Lie with Legs up the Wall and recover for 3min, then alternate Supine Pigeon Stretch while lying there for 2-4 rotations each side, 30sec holds.


CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


AMRAP 15min

8 One Arm KB Thruster – Left Arm

100m One Arm Farmers Carry – Left Arm

8 One Arm KB Thruster – Right Arm

100m One Arm Farmers Carry – Right Arm

* Load (20/12kg)


AMRAP 15min

8 One Arm DB Thruster – Left Arm

100m One Arm Farmers Carry – Left Arm

8 One Arm DB Thruster – Right Arm

100m One Arm Farmers Carry – Right Arm

Workout Brief

If you did front squats yesterday you might be a little sore. Thats ok. The loading is light-moderate today so you shouldn’t have a problem with it. Scale the load as needed.

Single sided limb movements are great for challenging people’s difference in left-right strength and balance, which carries over to general strength and all around athleticism. Double this with Kettlebell work and you have a Workout that requires a bit of skill. The one arm Farmers Carry requires a lot of stability to maintain an upright position, don’t let the KB pull you over to one side.

Rxd: The load is intended to feel light-moderate. Probably light for the first round, then it will start feeling a bit more challenging on the rounds after that. You should always be able to perform each movement unbroken. You should rest in between movements if needed. Ideally, you won’t need to rest a lot but just move consistently for the whole 15min.

Since one whole round is quite a bit of work, people will most likely average one round every 2+min. A little faster for the first few rounds. Make the goal to get over 5 rounds, with top performers getting around 7+.

Fitness: To eliminate the awkwardness of the KB, use a Dumbbell. The load should be so you can always perform each movement unbroken.

Extra Credit

Spend 4-5min in a Lying DB Overhead (with Foam Roller) Stretch

* Or without if you don’t have enough Foam Rollers.

Warm-up (No Measure)


CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

Front Squat (5-5-3-3-1-1)

Fitness: 5-5-5-5-5-5

Workout Brief

We want today to be focused around those Front Squats and making sure you get good recovery between each set. We have included Extra Credit at the end if you want to kick your own butt a little more.

Rxd: The focus is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable today. Heavy Front Squats are such a great challenge for people to maintain good posture and positions, and if they can’t, they will usually miss the lift. There is nowhere to hide with this lift.

Use the Warmup to get to a heavy starting weight. Then each set after this needs to be kind of scary for Rx’d people. Of course this only applies to seasoned lifters who are confident wit heavy loads. For those who are not really sure how to push through a heavy load – we want you to fight for good form and positions and go as heavy as you can safely go.

Rather than trying to hit a 1 rep Max PR at the end, we want you to focus on increasing your overall volume for the day, which means you need to start heavy and hold that across the sets. Rather than starting light and hitting a Heavy 1 rep at the end. You might have gotten a PR, but they missed the opportunity to get some more volume under your belt. If you do both, great!

Fitness: Use sets of 5 across the whole Workout. Similar to the above focus for newer athletes, make the focus about moving well under a challenging load.

Extra Credit

30sec on/30sec off Front Squat x 5 Rounds performed at 50% of their 5 rep set.

* Use this percentage as a rough guideline. They should be able to keep moving with the weight throughout each 30sec effort.