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Metcon (Time)


6 Rounds

10 Front Squat (115/75lbs)

10 Over/Unders

10 Push Press


6 Rounds

10 Front Squat

10 Over/Unders

10 Push Press
*20 minute cap

*Rx +135/95

Workout Brief

Squat, Jump, Press. Nothing fancy, just a simple triplet that will get the job done. ?

The Over Unders should will be set up so that people can jump over relatively easily and just be able to crawl under. You will need to get creative with how to get under, but usually people come up with something that works for them mid-workout. Place the PVC on plates for taller people. If you obviously touch or knock the PVC off their box, that rep doesn’t count. Pretend it is electric or whatever works for you mentally.

Rxd: Aim for around 15min. Top performers will probably go sub 12min. 6 Rounds isn’t a sprint, but you should definitely start with a solid pace you know you can hold across the whole workout.

The Front Squats shouldn’t be hard because of the load. They may start to feel hard after a few rounds because you’ll be breathing hard, but you should always be able to do 10 in a row. The same goes for the Push Press. Scale the load as needed.

The Over/Unders require a little co-ordination to make efficient. Practise in the Warmup. Some people like the Cat Crawl, where they arch their back and are on all fours, others do a little side roll and some do a side under the fence lunge. It really depends on people’s mobility and agility. No matter what people do, it feels a little awkward and uncomfortable. But it’s great, and very functional!

Fitness: Choose a load so that 10 reps unbroken each round, for both movements, is possible. For the Over/Unders, if you can’t jump over, step over. Make the height easily enough for you to get under, or substitute the under part to a lateral lunge each time. So, each rep would be 1 Step Over + 1 Lateral Lunge. Scale the rounds to 5 if needed.

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