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Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


5 Rounds

Min 1: 15/10 Cal Row

Min 2: 10 Handstand Pushup

Min 3: 40 Double Unders

Min 4: 4 Muscle Ups


5 Rounds

Min 1: 10/8 Cal Row

Min 2: 10 Pike Pushup

Min 3: 40 Fast Feet Jumps

Min 4: 4 Box Muscle Ups
Score Total Reps. So, if someone does the Workout as Rxd, their score would be 69/64 reps per round, making their total 345/320.

If you scales the reps, take your totals as the score.

Workout Brief

The first day of the month, and it’s also the start of the CrossFit Games season! It kicks off at the grassroots level with The Open, our most favourite time, since the whole community gets to be involved.

We will be ramping up into more frequented Open movements and workout layouts over the next few weeks. Today, we start by incorporating both the Handstand Pushup and Muscle Up into the Workout, which are often skills we see in the Open.

How the Workout works: for the first minute, Row 15/10 Cal and rest the remainder of that minute, then for minute 2 perform 10 Handstand Pushups and rest for the remainder of the minute and so on. There is no rest between movements or rounds.

Rxd: The goal is to pick a rep scheme and movement modification that is challenging across the five rounds. The last round should feel really hard. Aim to have at least 10-15sec remaining at the end of each minute to recover for the next movement. If, after performing the ‘practise’ round you don’t think you will achieve this, then think about scaling the reps or movements. The Row and the Double Unders are designed to make you breathe a little harder before having to perform the HSPU and Muscle Ups.

* During the last round, this 10-15sec will most likely be down to 5-10sec. If people start going over the time, decrease reps on the next set to something manageable, or scale the movement on the fly.

Scale the Handstand Pushups to 3-4 Wall Walks per minute. Try to avoid using too many Abmats beyond the Warmup/Prep portion of the Workout as a scale. To scale further, use Pike Pushups and perform 10 within the minute.

For today, scale the Muscle Ups to 4-5 Strict Pullups. Use a thin band if needed to achieve these, otherwise scale further to Jumping Bar Muscle Ups.

Fitness: Rather than focusing on the skills (handstand Pushup/Muscle Up) for the Workout, make it more about intensity. Keep the reps high and the movements manageable.

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