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CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

Metcon (Time)


3 Rounds

25 Box Jumps (24/20″)

20 Front Squat (115/75lbs)

15 Handstand Pushups

Rest 2min


3 Rounds

20 Step Ups

15 Front Squat

10 Pike Pushups

Rest 2min

Workout Brief

Today’s Workout is a ‘Sprinty’ work/rest Workout: You go hard for a short period of time, rest, repeat. People’s legs and shoulders will most likely be pretty sore from yesterday, so make sure you warm up well and you do the Handstand Prep.

We like to make sure our Athletes are very warm and ready to go for Workouts like this because they are so similar to sprinting. We find that if people aren’t breathing hard in the Warmup, that first effort usually isn’t the fastest, and then people continue to feel a little sluggish throughout the Workout. Some people take more/less time/effort to Warmup. Make be aware of the benefits of being fully prepared for a Workout that requires intensity from the start.

Rxd: The goal is to do each round as fast as possible. You should almost fully recover by the time you need to go again. If you do it properly, your rounds shouldn’t drop off by too much. The only limiting factor will be the Handstand Pushups for some people.

Top performers will complete the Workout in around 15min. We’ll allow up to 20min for the majority.

For those athletes who used to doing it, you may rebound off the box. If others don’t usually do this, stick with Jumping up/Stepping down for the Box Jumps.

For the HSPU. First, scale the reps to 10 per round. Then, scale the movement to 10 Shoulder Press at the load you use for their Front Squat. This should be pretty challenging. Most people will not be able to get all 10 done unbroken, and that is fine, as long as they can do sets of 3-4.

Fitness: We took down the reps to keep the intensity high. Don’t make the Box too high for those Step Ups. You want the turn around time to be relatively fast. The empty Barbell will probably be enough for the Front Squats. Use Dumbbells if you don’t feel you can handle the Barbell. Some athletes may not be strong enough to perform the Pike Pushups, in which case, perform regular (scaled as needed) Pushups instead.

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