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Sumo Deadlift (1-1-1-1-1-1)

Rx version today

Deadlift (3-3-3-3-3-3)

Fitness version today

Double-Unders (50-40-30-20-10-20-30-40-50)

Fitness Version: 5 x 10 Double Under Attempts

Enter your longest unbroken string

Workout Brief

Today we are going heavy with the Sumo Deadlift. It isn’t a common lift in CrossFit and some might argue that it has poor crossover for the other functional movements in CrossFit. We disagree. The position that the Sumo Deadlift puts you in requires different Hip mobility than a conventional Deadlift and demands a lot from the Quads. While they may have less direct carryover into our normal movements, the ability to round out our physicality is undeniable. So, the goal isn’t to perform the Sumo Deadlift to get better at other movements; rather, it is to improve the mechanics that will make us better overall. We also fail at the margins of our experience, so by including the Sumo Deadlift into the Program occasionally, we are doing our best to add more tools to our toolbox.

We have included Double Unders as Open Prep. The focus is stringing Double Unders together for big sets.

Rxd: For those athletes who are familiar with the Sumo Deadlift, the goal should be to go heavy across all 6 sets. For those who are newer to the movement, use an incremental method across the sets. Add load each set. Some people will have a hard time with the hip mobility required for the Sumo Stance, while others will have an easier time getting into position because it requires less mobility through the Thoracic Spine.

In theory, the distance traveled from the ground to full extension is less so people should be able to lift more. But, like any skill it requires practise, so unless you have done a lot of Sumo Deadlifting, you may not be able to lift as much as your Conventional Deadlift.

Take lots of rest between sets. 3-4min at least. You can perform a lift every 4min.

Fitness: For newer people, make the focus about greasing the groove in your Conventional Deadlift. So, you can do 1 Double Under + 10 Singles, or even 1 attempt + 10 singles. Practice stringing both Double Unders and Singles together.

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