2021 Open – Part 3

Since we are doing class teams this year, there will be no changes to the schedule for the Open on Fridays. We will be doing the Open workouts as your class workout for the day regardless of whether you signed up for the Open or not. Depending on the workout, we will run several heats in the class to ensure that everyone has enough space, equipment, and if you want it, a judge to count your reps for you. If you did sign up for the Open, we will work with you to make sure you have a judge to validate your scores during the class time you attend.

This will be the time to really bond as a class and encourage each other. Help your teammates out by changing weights for them, judging them and counting their reps, or just by cheering them on. They will return the favor to help you as you take your turn! Also, don’t forget to wear your team colors and grab a picture with your team after the class to get those extra points!

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