2021 Open – Part 2

This year we will be doing something similar to what we did last October for the Open with a slight twist. Instead of picking your own teams, we will be grouping everyone together based on the classes that you most often attend. You see each other every day at the gym, now you get to compete alongside everyone as teammates! We will have a 5:30 AM, 8:30 AM, 5:30 PM, and 11:59 PM team. While not necessary, we encourage you to give your team a name, the funnier the better.

You have been automatically put on a team based on your attendance to class the last 60 days (as of 2/19/2021). Whatever class you attended the most during that time frame determined your team. The teams will be presented at the end of this post for your reference.

We know that some of you frequently attend different classes based on the day, don’t worry! You do not have to attend your team’s class on the Friday’s during the Open. It will probably be more fun that way, but if your schedule does not allow for it, we just want you to come in. Your points that you earn will go towards your team, not the class that you attend.

An important thing to note is that points are not awarded according to athlete performance. We only care that you are in the gym and doing the workouts! The Open is about coming together and celebrating our Crossfit community. At the conclusion of the Open, the points will be tallied up and bragging rights will be given to the winning team.

Points will be awarded to the team for certain categories throughout the duration of the Open. Opportunities for points this year are:

  • Receive 1 point for each team member that completes each Open workout

  • If you accomplish a “first” in the Open you will get 2 points (first C2B, muscle up, HSPU, etc.)

  • If you accomplish a PR in the Open you will get 2 points

The teams are as follows:

5:30 AM

Angela Price

Katie LaCosse

Justin LaCosse

Clint Johnson

Rachael Thomas

Aaron Persenaire

Nicole Heinonen

Joanne Markham

Tricia O’Brien Stein

Rochelle Spencer

Sam Herbert

Kara Paavilainen

Duncan Price


8:30 AM

Jake Putala

Amanda Hoffman

Julie Jalkanen

Michelle Miller

Amy Olson

Jenna Zamaites

Gerald Huffman

Elizabeth Mitteer

Kartik Iyer

E Krause

Daryl Putala

Brendan Flanagan


5:30 PM

Gwen Kangas

Gavin McBride

Justin Miller

Becky Kopke

Morgan DuPont

Ed Freysinger

Ayla Miller

Eric Boersma

Terri Frew

Kim Dunnebacke

Zachary Rosenbaum

Adam Olson

Anders Carlson

Julia Anderson

James Ward

Chloe McParlan

Autumn Weidman

Lathan Delp


11:59 PM

Kevin Trewartha

Lindsey Larson

Christopher Bates

Tony Oxley

Austin Kosinski

Renee Hiller

Shannon Rink

Shannon Watt

David Hemmer

Carly Siko

Karlee Westrem

Russ Stein

Jesse Rulison


We understand that new members may join the gym between now and the Open, and even during the Open. Those individuals will be placed on a team as they join the gym.

Keep an eye out for Part 3, in which we detail how each class will be run during the Open.

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