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At CrossFit Hakkapeliitta, we’re in the business of changing lives through CrossFit here in Houghton. So when we hear great member stories like these, we literally box jump for joy! We hope you’ll be our next success story.
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  • Patrick

    A story of stick-to-it-iveness, courage, commitment and resilience.

    Many of us have found ourselves in a dark place in our lives, wondering how to climb out. In the past 5 months, Patrick Connors has fought demons, revived his spirit, shredded 85 pounds and inspired an entire gym community who has had the privilege of watching his transformation, one drop of sweat at a time.

    Patrick’s remarkable determination has drawn the admiration and respect of everyone in our gym. He shows up ready to work for each class. His dietary commitments have matched his efforts. While others complain, Patrick soldiers on, never making an excuse, never quitting and always grateful. He is friendly and encouraging to fellow members and always thinking of others before himself. Coaches absolutely love working with him. Everyone is very thankful to have his personality and stick-to-it-iveness as part of our gym community.

    Tell us a little about yourself…

    I work at Calumet Electronics making circuit boards. I’ve been married to my wife Rachel for three years and we live in Calumet with our dog Titan.

    When and why did you start CrossFit?

    I started in April 2015. I wasn’t happy with how I looked and felt. I was in a dark place dealing with severe depression and knew that I had to make a change in my life to start moving in the right direction. I saw a flier at the doctor’s office for CrossFit and did a bunch of research into the program. I figured it was worth a try!

    How has CrossFit enriched your life outside of the gym?

    As of the end of August, I have lost almost 85 lbs. with a combination of CrossFit and a healthy diet! It’s helped me physically, mentally, and emotionally. CrossFit has helped me put things into perspective and keep an even mind going through day-to-day life. I am more motivated to get out and do things, such as taking our dog for long walks and runs, something that I never would have imagined doing before CrossFit.

    CrossFit has also helped provide me with a structured schedule and a support system, which has been key to helping me be successful in getting healthier.

    What advice would you give someone considering joining CrossFit Hakkapeliitta?

    DO IT! Is it hard? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes. A lot of people think that it’s going to be too challenging. But getting a better you is going to be challenging. Life is challenging. CrossFit gives you the knowledge and the confidence that you can tackle the challenges both in the gym and in regular life. There is no better day than today to better yourself!

    Favorite WOD?

    Fight Gone Bad. I like the endurance aspect of the workout. It’s going to be long and it’s going to be tough. You have to prepare physically and mentally for the workout, but it’s worth it at the end.

    Biggest Weakness?

    Running and bodyweight movements. But I’m getting better!

    Favorite cheat meal?

    Lasagna! Or really, anything Italian.

  • Bree

    Tell us a little about yourself…

    I am a married mother of four kids.

    When and why did you start CrossFit?

    I started in August 2014. I had heard about CrossFit Hakk from a few different people and had always wanted to try it, but the timing just never seemed to work out. Then one day in my sister-in-law said she wanted to join the upcoming Intro class, so I decided to do it with her.

    What did you previously do for fitness and what were your apprehensions about starting CrossFit?

    I had always been pretty active from volleyball, softball, walking/running (ish), but once I started having kids, I slowly started letting those things slide and put them on the back burner. I always had the excuse of “Oh, I’ll start next Monday!” Walking into the gym for the first time was terrifying! You see all these other people gasping for air. All I kept thinking was, “WHAT in the world did I get myself into?!” I am so glad that I didn’t walk right back out and that now I’M one of those people gasping.

    How has CrossFit enriched your life outside of the gym?

    Since joining CrossFit, I not only feel so much stronger physically but also mentally. It hasn’t just been positive for me, but my whole family. They always want to know what the WOD was and if it was hard. At home we have squat challenges and do mini WODs. Seeing their mom this happy has encouraged them to join the kids’ classes and they LOVE it!

    What advice would you give someone considering joining CrossFit Hakk?

    My advice would be just try it! I know it’s super intimidating just thinking about walking into the gym (believe me I was there not that long ago), but it truly will be the best decision. Not only will you get a great workout, you get to meet some pretty amazing people. The CrossFit community is amazing!

    Favorite WOD?

    I generally like WODs that involve lifting or team WODs, but if I had to pick one workout, I would say Filthy 50.

    Biggest Weakness?

    Anything weighted over head is tough for me. But this is why I love CrossFit, because the coaches help you modify any movement and slowly improve on your weaknesses until one day those weaknesses become strengths.

    Favorite cheat meal?

    I think I love food way too much to pick just one meal! If I had to pick one thing, I’d have to say cannellonis from Gemignani’s. SO GOOD!

  • Bobbi Jo

    8Bobbie Jo is a busy mother, yet has been consistently putting in hard work, attending classes and getting better and stronger every day. We’d like to celebrate her efforts and share more about her. Congrats, Bobbie Jo, and keep up the hard work in and out of the gym!

    Tell us a little about yourself…

    I am a married mother of five children.

    When and why did you start CrossFit?

    I started CrossFit a little over a year ago. My sister-in-law Stephanie encouraged me to join. After a few months, I realized how much stronger I was becoming and how much better I felt.

    What did you previously do for fitness and what were your apprehensions about starting CrossFit?

    Prior to CrossFit, I walked four to five times a week. I was really nervous at first because I thought I couldn’t handle the workouts. I was also worried I wouldn’t fit in. But, I soon discovered the workouts are perfect because they are scaled to your own level, and there are people of all ability levels in the gym.

    How has CrossFit enriched your life outside of the gym?

    Now, my back doesn’t hurt after shoveling snow or hauling wood. My legs are stronger for downhill skiing. I also noticed that I now have less anxiety!

    What advice would you give someone considering joining CrossFit Hakk?

    Give it a try! CrossFit builds strength for normal, everyday tasks. The coaches are helpful, encouraging and the atmosphere is AWESOME. It feels like family – I love that!

    Favorite WOD or movement? Burpees!

    Biggest weakness? Wall balls.

    Favorite cheat meal? A cheeseburger!


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