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Cherry Picker

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CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

Metcon (Time)

Rx +


Unbroken Pullup

100ft Handstand Walk



Unbroken Pullup

20 Cherry Pickers



Unbroken Ring Row

2 Box Around the Worlds

Workout Brief

Upper body gymnastics workout today. We did this workout roughly a year ago, and it’s back! We don’t often prescribe things to be done unbroken, but occasionally it is a good challenge. The rep scheme for the unbroken pullups is pretty high, but we think it is manageable for your top athletes.

To clarify the pullups: If you fail a set, you need to start that set again. Which is why you want to make sure you understand the importance of getting your scale correct and resting enough before you attempt each set.

Rxd: The pullups are going to be challenging for most people. We want to try preserve the unbroken stimulus by having people scale the pullup to whatever they need to to be able to do them unbroken. For some people that may mean using bands, or maybe even ring pullups . Mix and match during the workout. Scale the movement in the earlier larger sets, and then as the reps decrease, people might start to be able to get a regular set of kipping pullups unbroken.

Reminder that the handstand walking or cherry pickers will further fatigue shoulders, so even though you may have a big unbroken pullup set fresh, it will most likely change during the workout.

The biggest challenge for most people is to know how to manage their rest and when to go again for those pullups. The workout prep will help with this a little but it might be that people figure it out as they go, which is a great learning tool for future workouts that have big pullup sets. You will know next time what your capacity is.

We have allowed up to 15min to complete the workout. Some people will get well below this and others will need all that time to get it done.

Fitness: Change the angle of the Ring Row to accommodate the athletes ability for each set. Don’t worry about doing it unbroken, some of the big sets might just be too much for some people, even with the scaled Ring Row.



Pullups: As mentioned above. Use bands or ring pullups.

Cherry pickers: To scale the Cherry Picker movement further, have people go to 10 reps first, then scale to 4 x Box Round the World Walks (2 one direction, 2 the other).


Box round the world walks: scale the movement right back so that people’s feet are on a plate if needed. OR, they can just do it on the ground with their feet staying in one place. So it would be a walking plank. If people are unable to do this, sub to a plank getup/down.


We love these handstand walking progressions by Carl Paoli.