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Hang Snatch (2-2-2-2-2)

Fitness = Hang Power Snatch

Workout Brief

Heavy double snatch day. We are going from the hang today. The benefit of working from the hang is that it eliminates having to think about that first pull off the ground, which can be a mental barrier for a lot of athletes. The double needs to be done unbroken, meaning you can’t put it down between reps. You can pause or rest in the hang for a moment, but that is it.

WOD Goal

Rxd: have everyone aim to go heavy across all 5 sets of 2. The last set of the 5 should be really challenging! You have plenty of prep time to grease the groove with the movement and work up to your starting weight. Make sure you are moving well under the light loads and ncrease the load in small increments, rather than making big jumps to the starting weight. A lot of people will be using the empty bar for a few of their warmup sets before they add any load.

Fitness: Rather than focusing on a heavy load across all 5 sets, make the focus be about moving well. If you are doing that, then add a little load each set.


No need to scale, but if people are unable to squat, they can modify it to hang power snatch instead.

Extra Credit

25 HSPU Challenge — Perform as fast as possible. They choose their difficulty version. However, it shouldn’t take longer than 5min, so make sure to modify it accordingly. Warm up the movement with a few reps and then get into it. Record times so you can compare it to when you repeat it. Scale back down to a Max Handstand Hold if needed.

* Compare to September 19th 2016, December 31st 2016 and March 12th 2017.