Small Towns. Big Dreams.

The Copper Country's Gym

CrossFit Hakkapeliitta brings big-city CrossFit to our beautiful small town. If you’re tired of boring routines, DIY workouts and feeling lost in the globo-gym non-culture, CrossFit was made JUST for you!

Here at CrossFit Hakkapeliitta, you’re going to feel right at home. We’ve got members of every age, shape, and ability, and they’re all achieving GREAT results! Our community of athletes is made up of regular people, like you, who want to be better versions of themselves - and we help them do it!

Come check us out and see why our ever-changing workouts, passionate coaches, and supportive members make CrossFit Hakkapeliitta the BEST place to get fit in the Copper Country!

A year from now you'll wish you started today.

Our Facility

CrossFit Hakkapeliitta’s 2,300-square-foot facility in Copper Country has a ton of cool amenities you won’t find anywhere else. We’ve got big windows (a rarity at CrossFit gyms) to inspire you with natural light and a gorgeous view. Our running track goes right through town, and the hill we sit on adds an extra boost of "suck" to your run. We also have assault bikes, rowers and other ways of conditioning during the long winter months and a fully outfitted weightlifting area. And of course we’ve got all the top-tier CrossFit equipment, talented coaches and specialty classes to unleash your inner athlete in a big way. We have all the necessary equipment for your training!

  • As of the end of August, I have lost almost 85 lbs. with a combination of CrossFit and a healthy diet! It's helped my physically, mentally, and emotionally. CrossFit gives you the knowledge and the confidence to tackle challenges both in the gym and in regular life


  • The workouts are perfect because they are scaled to your own level, and there are people of all ability levels in the gym. Now, my back doesn’t hurt after shoveling snow or hauling wood. My legs are stronger for downhill skiing.

    Bobbi Jo

  • Since joining CrossFit, I not only feel so much stronger physically, but also mentally. My kids seeing their mom this happy has encouraged them to join the kids’ classes and they LOVE it! Not only will you get a great workout, the CrossFit community is amazing!